Aromatherapy Multifunctional Disinfection Box Wireless Sterilizer 1 Set


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This product is an aromatherapy ultraviolet wireless disinfection tool, made of good materials, designed to help sterilize small objects and maintain your health. This product has a wide range of applications and can be used in mobile phones, toothbrushes, jewelry, watches, earphones and other products. It protects your safety in all aspects. It is a very high-quality disinfection tool.


-Color: White
-Material: ABS
-Size: About 23.00X12.70X5.50cm/9.04X4.99X2.16inch
-Input voltage: DC5V 2A or QC 9V 2A
-Battery capacity: 650mAh
-Total power: 15W(Max)
-Wireless charging power: 10W (Max)
-Wireless charging distance: <8MM
-Wireless charging efficiency: 75%
-UV sterilization power: 1W(Max)
-UVA ultraviolet wavelength: 390nm-410nm
-UVC ultraviolet wavelength: 260nm-280nm
-Made of high-quality materials, durable and able to serve you for a long time.
-The UV sterilizer will use UV rays to help you kill bacteria attached to objects.
-The wireless sterilizer is more convenient and easy to use.
-The ultra-violet disinfection machine that is made meticulously has high transmittance and can sterilize completely.
-Efficient and practical sterilization box can well maintain your health and is a very practical tool.

Package Content:

1 x Sterilizer

1 x USB data cable

1 x cleaning cloth

1 x Chinese and English instructions

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Aromatherapy Multifunctional Disinfection Box Wireless Sterilizer 1 Set


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